Rules & Regulations

New for 2022:

No substances which require mopping or drying of the floor are allowed on stage. This includes, but is not limited to: baby powder, flour, sand, glitter, powdered rosin, lotion, confetti, water, and paint. This rule applies even if you have a clean-up team.

Media Fee

All dancers will be charged a one-time media fee at each In10sity Dance competition. In exchange, they will receive all of their photos and videos from the entire competition via digital download. Family discounts are available. Please contact the office for more information. Please keep in mind individual photos and videos are not available for purchase at any In10sity Dance event.

Con10tion Title Program

In the 2018 season, In10sity Dance launched it’s first title competition where dancers have the opportunity to compete for one of four Con10der titles awarded at each regional and National event: Mini, Junior, Teen & Senior. Each dancer submits a solo and the top ten scoring soloists from each Con10tion age division go on to compete in an exclusive improv competition. Con10ders are chosen by our judges, taking into consideration their solo as well as their improv performance. As Con10ders compete in their own separate improv competition, they will not be eligible to compete in the In10se Improv for their age division. You must be registered as a Con10der in the final program. Once the program has been printed a routine is not eligible to move into the Con10der program for that city.

Continuing in 2021, Con10ders will be eligible for their respective age division’s solo overalls and each Con10der title winner will be awarded a $100 cash prize and a $100 scholarship for the following regional season or admittance to our convention, The In10sive. Dancers must have competed in the Con10der category in a regional event in order to compete in the Con10der category at a National event. National Con10der title winners are each awarded a $500 cash prize as well as an All Access Pass good for full scholarship to any and all events we produce for an entire calendar year. Dancers may only submit one solo into the Con10tion title program, but there is no limit on additional solos that may be entered into the regular competition. Only Elite level soloists are eligible to compete in the Con10der title program. As dancers age 6 and under are considered Debut level, they will not be eligible to compete in the Con10der title program.

Please note: National Con10der title winners are ineligible to compete for the National Con10der title within the same age division at nationals the following year.

In10se Dancers

In each regional city, the judges will select outstanding soloists from the Elite and Premier level in the Junior, Teen, and Senior age divisions as In10se Dancers to be part of one of the most highly anticipated performances at our National event – the opening number of our group finale.

Studios with mixed Elite and Premier level dancers will be chosen from the Elite level.

In10se Dancers are invited to perform in the opening number of our Group Finale at Nationals. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

This routine will be choreographed by top industry professionals. Dancers will perform alongside other dancers from across the country in one awesome number.

Note: Studios attending Nationals that do not have solo performers may nominate two performers each in the Junior, Teen, and Senior age divisions to participate as In10se Dancers at Nationals.

The costume for the opening number will be any black dance-wear bottom that each dancer should bring with them to nationals. The performance top will be pre-ordered by each dancer individually. We will provide each In10se dancer with ordering information upon registration for the In10se dancer program. Tops are to be picked up on the first day of Nationals at the In10se Dancer table.

In10se Dancers need to arrive at the Nationals event and be prepared to start classes beginning the FIRST DAY of the National event. The Group Finale opening number performance takes place on the LAST DAY of the National event and a detailed In10se Dancer choreography schedule will be emailed to all registered participants once the competition schedule is posted.

The choreography, learning opportunities, and the many new friends made during the process make this an awesome experience sure to create many wonderful memories.

Instructions for registration for this FREE program are included on the back of your In10se Dancer certificate received in the awards ceremony at your regional event. If you have questions please email:

Best In Category

The “Best In Category” award will now be given at each regional and national event. In both the Premier and Elite competitive classes, In10sity Dance will recognize the top overall non-solo routine in each age division and category with a minimum of 5 entries.

Studio of Xcellence

The “Studio of Xcellence” award will be given at each regional and national event.  To qualify, a studio must have elite level non-solo routines in each elite level age division (Mini, Junior, Teen, & Senior).  The studio’s highest scoring routine in each age division will be added together.  The studio with the highest total will be recognized as the Studio of Xcellence.

The In10sity Challenge

The In10sity Challenge will take place at each regional and national event. In order for a studio to be eligible, they must compete at least five non-solo routines. For each eligible studio, In10sity Dance calculates the average of the top five highest scoring non-solo routines and compares that average to the averages of the other participating and eligible studios. The top five highest studio averages are awarded cash at the close of the event. See our cash awards section below for more details.

Beauty With In10tion

Dancers are invited to participate in our photogenic competition, titled Beauty With In10tion. All proceeds from submissions are applied directly towards our scholarship foundation, Living With In10tion, which provides scholarships to graduating seniors. To register for Beauty With In10tion, bring any printed photo to our merchandise table at the event with the dancer’s name, age, and studio labeled clearly on the back, along with the $25 submission fee. Participants are allowed to submit multiple photos for consideration, each with a separate submission fee. We will continue to accept submissions up to the award ceremony in which the winner is announced. The winner for each age division (Mini, Junior, Teen, and Senior) will be announced during their respective group award ceremonies. Petite age division dancers will enter the Mini division for Beauty With In10tion. We are not responsible for any photos left at the event. All photos should be picked up at the sales table after the award ceremony, or at the end of the event.

For events that operate with studio block schedules, the Beauty With In10tion process will be to bring your photo submission to the merchandise table with the $25 submission fee before noon on the final day of competition. To prevent transmission of Covid-19 through photo distribution, and to ensure your printed photo is returned to you, our merchandise representative will take a digital photo with their cell phone, and will return your print photo to you. The digital copy will be reviewed by our judges.

Age Divisions

In10sity Dance offers six age divisions under which all routines will compete: Petite (6 years of age and younger), Mini (7-8 years of age), Junior (9-11 years of age), Teen (12-14 years of age), Senior (15-19 years of age), and Adult (20 years of age & older).

The age division for acts with multiple dancers is determined by calculating the average age of the dancers in said routine as of January 1st of the year in which the competition is held. If the average age does not calculate to a whole number, In10sity Dance drops the decimal and rounds down to the nearest whole number. The age division under which a soloist competes will also be determined by the dancer’s age as of January 1st of the year in which the competition is being held.

The PETITE age division (6 years of age and under) will automatically be placed in the DEBUT competitive class.

The MINI age division (7-8 years of age) will still include three levels of competitive class (debut, premier, and elite).

Beginning in 2021, no routine will be allowed to “bump up” to an older age division.

Size Divisions and Time Guidelines

All routines will fall under the size division of solo (1 dancer), duet or trio (2 or 3 dancers), small group (4 to 9 dancers), large group (10 to 19 dancers), or line/production (20 or more dancers).

Regarding time limits, In10sity Dance exercises a unique perspective. We respect dance as an art form and to that end, placing a time limit on a performance would be the equivalent of limiting a painter to number of brush strokes. Rather than enforcing time limitations we offer the following suggestions:

Solos: 3 minutes
Duets & Trios: 3 minutes
Small Groups: 3 minutes
Large Groups & Lines: 4 minutes
Productions: 7 minutes

To reiterate, we do not clock each individual performance nor will we objectively penalize routines that do not fall within our suggested time parameters. Our assumption is that choreographers have a good grasp of how long it takes to make an impression and will use their best judgment in composing pieces that do just that.


All routines will register and compete under the context of one of the following:

Acro: Routine is comprised of gymnastics and/or acrobatic work in addition to dance choreography that must account for 50% or more of the routine.

Ballet: Routine is choreographed utilizing classical or contemporary ballet technique(s). Dancer(s) must wear ballet shoes.

Character: Routine where performers portray a recognizable character. May incorporate any form of dance.

Contemporary: Routine is choreographed using contemporary technique and movement.

Clogging: Routine consisting of clogging moves incorporated with the rhythm of the music. No clogging sounds are permitted in the music and dancers must wear clogging shoes.

Folk/Ethnic: Routine is choreographed using ethnic styles and techniques such as Hawaiian, African, Latin, Middle Eastern, Indian, etc.

Hip-Hop: Routine is choreographed utilizing street and/or jazz funk techniques and movement.

Jazz: Routine is choreographed utilizing jazz technique and movement.

Lyrical: Routine is choreographed utilizing lyrical technique and maintains the theme of the musical selection.

Modern: Routine is choreographed utilizing modern movement derived from Graham, Horton, or the like.

Musical Theatre: Routine is theatrical in nature and is choreographed to music from Broadway or cinematic musical.

Open: Routine that contains any combination of genres or does not fall under any other genre recognized or represented herein.

Pointe: Routine is choreographed utilizing traditional or contemporary pointe technique and movement. Dancer(s) must wear pointe shoes.

Pom/Drill: Routine is choreographed utilizing pom pons and dance team/drill technique and precision.

Tap: Routine is choreographed utilizing traditional, contemporary, or hoofing techniques, steps, and/or rhythm patterns. No tap sounds are permitted in the music, and dancers must wear tap shoes.

Please note that a maximum of two gymnastics/acrobatic passes are permitted in routines competing outside of the Acro or Open category of the solo, duet & trio, small group, and large group divisions of competition. A maximum of one-third of each routine competing in the line or production division may be comprised of gymnastics/acrobatic passes.

Competitive Classes

All dancers who are registered for an In10sity Dance competition will be classified as a Debut, Premier, or Elite class dancer. In10sity Dance has no way of qualifying a dancer for any of the three classes, nor do we have objective criteria by which a dancer is to be classified. It is the responsibility of each studio to place their dancer within whichever class they feel they are best suited. That being said, In10sity Dance suggests that dancers classified as Debut have very little competitive tenure; perhaps this is their first year of competing. In10sity suggests that dancers classified as Premier would have more competitive tenure than a Debut class dancer, but may train at a more recreational level. In10sity suggests that the Elite class is reserved for dancers who are very active competitively and are part of a comprehensive and intense training regimen.

In the Petite age division (age 6 and younger), all routines will be classified as the Debut level only.

Please note: If attending multiple events in the same season, soloists must compete in the same competitive class at all events.

The competitive class of all non-solo routines will be determined by the competitive class of each dancer in a given routine. For routines comprised of dancers of varying competitive classes, the routine will default to the competitive class in which the majority of dancers are classified. For example, a routine comprised of six Elite class dancers and four Premier class dancers would default to the Elite class. In the event that a routine contains an equal number of dancers from two competitive classes, the routine will default to the highest level. For example, if a given routine contains five Debut class dancers and five Premier class dancers, the routine would automatically default to Premier. If a studio should desire for a dance to compete in a higher competitive class than it is organically registered for, they may bump the routine up. No routine may have its class bumped down.

Please note: Under absolutely no circumstances may any changes to competitive classes be made past the date of the final schedule release per competition. The final schedule is traditionally released one week prior to competition.

Please understand that the intent of instituting the competitive classes is to enable dancers to compete against other dancers of comparable ability, training, and tenure. If any inquiries, concerns, or considerations should arise relating to the competitive classes and the regulations listed herein, please feel free to contact us as we are always open to questions and feedback that would enable us to create a superior experience for our dancers, studio directors, dance teachers, choreographers, and audience.


In10sity Dance welcomes the use of props at any of our events. Please be aware that transportation, set-up, and tear down of prop(s) is/are the sole responsibility of the studio. For the dancers’ safety, the maximum height of all props both free standing and hand-held is 10 feet, and no dancer shall stand any higher than 6 feet from the stage floor. In addition, the use of liquids, paint, potentially hazardous materials, pyrotechnics, and/or weaponry of any sort are strictly prohibited. Please note that In10sity Dance will not be held responsible or liable for any damage to props left unattended. Also, any props left at the completion of the show will be disposed of.


All music must be age appropriate and free of any apparent profanity or vulgar language. In an effort to preserve In10sity Dance’s family friendly environment, infractions of this rule may result in deduction of score or disqualification.

All music must be submitted via audio file upload through your studio account. All music must be uploaded at least one week prior to the start of your event. All studios are highly encouraged to bring backup music should In10sity Dance encounter any technical difficulties with your upload. In10sity will not adjust the speed or make cuts in any music.


All routines will be scored within the following criterion: technique (35% of the cumulative score), showmanship (25% of the cumulative score), precision/execution (15% of the cumulative scores), choreography (15% of the cumulative score) and overall performance (10% of the cumulative score).

The following are the cumulative scoring breakdowns as they relate to the respective levels of distinction:


  • 285-300
  • 270-284.9
  • 260-269.9
  • GOLD
  • 255-259.9
  • 0-254.9


  • 264-300
  • 255-263.9
  • GOLD
  • 250-254.9
  • 0-249.9


  • 259-300
  • 250-258.9
  • GOLD
  • 245-249.9
  • 0-244.9

Top scoring routines will be acknowledged within each age and size division. At each competition, In10sity Dance will recognize the top 10 highest scoring routines for each age and size division containing ten or more routines. For any age and size division containing between five and nine routines, In10sity Dance will acknowledge the top five highest scoring routines. For any age and size division containing three or four routines, the top three scoring routines will be acknowledged.

In the event of a tie, the technique score will determine the higher overall placement. If the technique scores are tied, the showmanship score will determine the higher overall placement. In the event that both the technique and showmanship scores are tied, the precision/execution score will determine the highest overall placement. If two or more routines are tied with equivalent technique, showmanship, and precision/execution scores, the choreography score will determine the higher overall placement. Finally, if two or more routines are tied with equivalent technique, showmanship, precision/execution, and choreography scores, the overall performance score will determine the highest placement within the overalls.

A soloist may only place once within the overalls within their respective age division with their highest scoring solo.

In10se Improv

Dancers registered for an In10sity Dance competition are welcome to register for the In10se Improv competition at their regional or national event, which is divided by age division (Mini, Junior, Teen, and Senior) and occurs just prior to awards. Con10der participants have their own separate improv competition, and therefore are not eligible to compete in the In10se Improv. Any dancer in the Petite age division will participate in the Mini improv. Dancers will be instructed to check-in backstage with the Backstage Manager immediately before their respective In10se Improv competition to receive a number. All participants will be brought on stage to listen to an excerpt of the music we have selected for them. They will then be divided into groups and will perform their improv in groups of 3 to 10 dancers throughout the preliminary round. From the preliminary round, the judges will make selections to determine who will move on to the semifinal round. Upon completion of the semi-final round, the judges will select three finalists. The final three will perform their improv one last time, and the judges will rank the dancers from first to third. Second and third place will each be awarded a $50 scholarship that can be used towards the In10sive or towards registration fees to any In10sity regional event the following year, and first place will be awarded a $100 scholarship.


Absolutely no cameras, camcorders, or any other recording devices are permitted for use within the performance arena or dressing areas unless otherwise specified by the show director. Repeat offenders will be asked to leave the competition. Please understand that the purpose of instituting this guideline is to protect the dancers and the intellectual property of the choreographers.


In10sity Dance releases a tentative schedule two weeks prior to each competition. Accompanying the release of the tentative schedule will be an email outlining our expectations of our participating studios and deadlines by which requests for modification must be submitted. In the event that a modification request is not submitted by the deadline outlined in the email, any impacted routine will compete for adjudication only.

Performance schedules with approximate times will be made available solely to studio administrators. It is the responsibility of studio personnel to distribute the schedule to their participating dancers, as In10sty Dance does not publicly post the schedules of any of our competitions. Please be prepared to compete 60 minutes prior to your designated performance time. In the event that a studio performs out of order, the affected routine will compete for adjudication only and be ineligible for divisional overall awards. In10sity Dance has the intention of running each show on time, if not early, and reserves the right to adjust the schedule in an effort to do so.


In an effort to simplify the registration process, In10sity Dance makes it possible for you to register for a competition online through your customized studio log-in page on our website. Administrators must first establish a roster of all participating dancers including their name, birthdate, gender, and competitive class. There is no need for an administrator to re-enter their roster each season, as our registration system saves all your roster information from year to year and rolls ahead the ages of all participants. Once a roster has been established, the administrator may enter their routines, specifying the city in which they wish to compete, as well as the name and category of each routine. Our registration system automatically calculates age and size divisions as well as competitive class. In addition, In10sity Dance’s registration system generates individual invoices for each of your dancers. Independent entries are not accepted; all competing dancers must be registered through a studio.

Entry Fees

Payment for fees is due 30 days prior to the start of each event. Entry fees are not refundable for any reason. Please note that the only methods of payment for entry fees accepted by In10sity Dance are cash, check, or money order. There is a $25.00 fee for returned checks. Credit card payments will be accepted with an additional 5% processing fee. Furthermore, no studio will be officially registered for a given competition until their balance is satisfied in full. In the event that a given studio submits any payment less than 30 days before the competition in which they wish to compete, the only acceptable methods of payment will be cash, bank-issued cashiers check, money order, or credit card.

General Information

Cash Awards

  1. The top scoring soloist of each age division within the Elite competitive class will be awarded a $100 cash prize. The top scoring soloist of each age division within the Premier class of competition will be awarded a $75 cash prize. Finally, the top scoring soloist in each age division within the Debut class of competition will be awarded a $50 cash prize. Please note that only top scoring soloists from age divisions and competitive classes containing at least three different soloists will be eligible for a cash award.
  2. In10se Award: The highest scoring non-solo Mini, Junior, Teen, and Senior routine in the Premier and Elite divisions will be awarded a $250 cash prize.
  3. The In10sity Challenge: In order for a studio to be eligible, they must compete at least five non-solo routines. For each eligible studio, In10sity Dance calculates the average of the top five highest scoring non-solo routines and compares that average to the averages of the other participating and eligible studios. The top five highest studio averages are awarded cash at the close of the event. The denominations are as follows:
    • 5th Highest Studio Average: $100
    • 4th Highest Studio Average: $250
    • 3rd Highest Studio Average: $500
    • 2nd Highest Studio Average: $750
    • 1st Highest Studio Average: $1,000