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During competition, media team members capture photos of dancers performing on the competition stage. Photographers shoot solos, duets, trios, group routines, and production numbers. In10sity media photographers should understand how to make adjustments for differences in routine sizes, lighting changes, and stage setups.


At every In10sity Dance event we have a member of the media team capturing video for each competition number. The videographer is responsible for capturing and recording routines, changing scene selections, and managing the competition livestream. Below is a playlist of competition videos our videographers have recorded throughout the season.

video editing

At each competition our media team captures ancillary video content to promote our competition and show people what it means to compete at In10sity Dance. We are looking for video editors that can capture the spirit of our events using footage from our improv competitions, awards ceremonies, backstage, and more. A recap video with highlights from each event will be posted the week following each competition.

2022 Staff application

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Please note these are seasonal travel positions, so you can click the link below to see our 2022 tour schedule and the possible dates you may be selected to work.