In each regional city, the judges will select outstanding soloists from the Elite and Premier level in the Junior, Teen, and Senior age divisions as In10se Dancers to be part of one of the most highly anticipated performances at our National event – the opening number of our group finale.

Studios with mixed Elite level and Premier level dancers will be chosen from the Elite level.

In10se Dancers will perform in the opening number of our Group Finale at Nationals. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

This routine will be choreographed by top industry professionals. Dancers will perform alongside other dancers from across the country as well as the title winners of our Con10tion regional title solo program in one awesome number.

Note: Studios attending Nationals that do not have solo performers may nominate two performers each in the Junior, Teen, and Senior age divisions to participate as In10se Dancers at Nationals.

The costume for the opening number will be any black dance-wear bottom that each dancer should bring with them to nationals. The performance top will be pre-ordered by each dancer individually. We will provide each In10se dancer with ordering information upon registration for the In10se dancer program. Tops are to be picked up on the first day of Nationals at the In10se Dancer table.

In10se Dancers need to arrive at the Nationals event and be prepared to start classes beginning the FIRST DAY of the National event. The Group Finale opening number performance takes place on the LAST DAY of the National event and a detailed In10se Dancer choreography schedule will be emailed to all registered participants once the competition schedule is posted.

The choreography, special lighting effects, learning opportunities, and the many new friends made during the process make this an awesome experience sure to create many wonderful memories.

Instructions for registration for this FREE program are included on the back of your In10se Dancer certificate received in the awards ceremony at your regional event. If you have questions please email: