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2013 In10sity Cares Recipient

The Carol Jackson Memorial Scholarship Fund

Carol JacksonCarol Jackson was the co-owner of The Dance Connection in Canton, Michigan, which she owned and operated with her daughter, Melissa, since 1995. Miss Carol started her studio with 52 children in whom she instilled much more than simply her love for dance. She had a "hands-on" approach, and as is often the case with dance teachers, she became a mentor and even a second mom to many of the over 600 students that now call The Dance Connection their home for dance. Miss Carol was a woman full of compassion for each and every child and family who walked through her doors, and firmly believed that dance was for EVERYone regardless of their circumstance. In June of 2012 surrounded by her family (which included many of her dancers and their families), she ended her nearly 2-year battle with lung and endocrine cancer. In her memory, her daughter Melissa created The Carol Jackson Memorial Scholarship Fund in which every year one at-need dancer at The Dance Connection will be given the opportunity to dance without the strain of financial obligation. Founder & Executive Director, Jacob Flynn, had a very special relationship with Miss Carol and credits her & Melissa for inspiring and encouraging him to start In10sity Dance & The In10sive. It makes it only fitting that we would choose this fund as our 2013 recipient of In10sity Cares, giving Melissa and The Dance Connection the opportunity to continue Miss Carolʼs legacy in having a positive impact through the art of dance.

2012 In10sity Cares Recipient

Alzheimerʼs Association -

On August 10, 2011, the dance community suffered a great loss with the passing of Shirley J. Larkin, founder of Larkin Dance Studio in Maplewood, Minnesota. Shirley was a renowned and revered dance educator and entrepreneur at the top of the industry. She was referred to by many as the "Matriarch of Dance" as through her 60 years in the business, she paved the way for hundreds of others to have successful and rewarding careers in the dance world. She served on several boards throughout the years and led numerous organizations in shaping the industry as we know it today. Above all else, Shirley was a humanitarian, and we are all forever indebted to the countless contributions she made to industry we all know and love. Although sheʼll never be replaced, we can all take comfort in knowing that our world is a better place thanks to Shirley, and her family is committed to keeping her legacy alive for years to come. Late in Shirleyʼs life, she fell victim to Alzheimerʼs Disease, which is why weʼve chosen the Alzheimerʼs Association as a 2012 beneficiary of In10sity Cares. Their mission is to eliminate Alzheimerʼs disease through the advancement of research, and to provide and enhance care and support for all affected as well as reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health.

2012 In10sity Cares Recipient

The Crane Family of Indianapolis, Indiana

On December 12, 2012, an unfathomable tragedy occurred that profoundly impacted the family and community surrounding Kyleigh & Jeremy Crane. While home at her grandmotherʼs house sick from school, Kyleigh was being looked after by her uncle Jeremy when two intruders entered the home and claimed both their lives. Kyleigh left behind her grandparents, her mom and dad, and her little brother Brayden. Kyleigh also left behind her extended family, Turning Pointe Academy of Dance of which she was a beloved member. Kyleigh had an unforgettable smile and attitude, and bouncy red curly hair to match. Her uncle Jeremy was a huge part of Kyleighʼs life, and helped support her love of dance. The family left behind this terrible tragedy has also been chosen as a 2012 beneficiary of In10sity Cares. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the Craneʼs in the wake of their loss.