10tube: Fort Wayne, IN 2018

The In10sity Challenge

First Place - $1,000!!!

"Nicest Kids In Town"- Z Company

Second Place - $750!!!

"The Chain"- Elite Dance Center

Third Place - $500!!!

"My Way"- Haja Dance Company

Fourth Place - $250!!!

"Let's Get to It"- K Monique's Studio of Dance

Fifth Place - $100!!!

"Come Together"- CSDA, LLC


Top Routines Per Age Division

High Score Mini

"Long Lost Child"- Z Company

High Score Junior

"Lantern Lit- Brianna Hicks"- Haja Dance Company

High Score Teen

"Some Day Soon"- Z Company

High Score Senior

"Dreaming Awake"- Sydney Reveannaugh- CSA's Dancers Edge



Mini Con10der

Charli Klink- Elite Dance Center

Junior Con10der

Brianna Hicks- Haja Dance Company

Teen Con10der

Avery Haneline- K Monique's Studio of Dance

Senior Con10der

Chloe Castetter-Elite Dance Center